FastComet Hosting Review 2020 – Learn About This Host!

FastComet Hosting Review

If you have heard of FastComet Hosting but want to know more then you are in the right place. in this article, we shared FastComet Hosting review 2020.

FastComet Hosting

FastComet Hosting Review

FastComet Hosting had a small and humble beginning in 2013. It is an independent private global web hosting solution company. It started as a small hosting company with few employees and now it has scaled to 70+ employees.

FastComet operates on 11 datacentres that are located all over the world. they are now managing more than 50,000 businesses on their servers.

Their prime goal is to provide affordable web hosting solutions to everyone which costs around $3+ per month according to this site when a user uses the verified coupon code and without it, the price is around $9 per month.. so, people can easily host their ideas on their servers. they offer the commitment and services that they promise before signup.

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FastComet Hosting Features Review

So now let’s learn a bit of the hosting features & the services they offer to their customers.

1. Server Uptime

Server uptime is the prime factor for selecting the best hosting service. it shows, for how long the servers are running for a month.

FastComet Hosting guarantees 99.99% average server uptime. It shows that the server has been running for every minute of the year. It has gone down for 1-5 minutes only in a year. It is a great server uptime for any website or application.

They notify for every issue and downtime the server faces. They have a quick response team that deals with the server down.

2. Page Load Speed

Website hosted on FastComet servers offers an average response time of 600ms. It offers an average page load time of 1.2 seconds for heavy websites. the page load time can fluctuate for different websites.

FastComet Loading Speed

As every website size varies and depends on many factors like image size, user data, plugins. So it can affect the page load time for some websites.

3. Free Website Migration

FastComet gives its clients absolute free and painless web hosting solutions. They help clients to move website from old host to FastComet servers. the migration is done by experts and it hardly takes few hours to complete the process.

The website will be migrated within 24 hours of the request. so clients can start working on their websites.

Clients can move up to 3 websites for free and after that little price is charged. In the FastCloud plan, only one website migration is included, and in the rest up to 3 free websites.

4. Free Domain Transfer

FastComet offers free domain transfer and also they renew all the domains they transfer on their servers. the domain is renewed for one year and after that regular fee will be charged.

There is no limit for the parked domain name and unlimited subdomains can be created.

5. 350+ Templates & Website Builder

FastComet provides more than 350 website templates to use and also a free website builder. Clients can design their home page with drag and drop website builder. The website builder is user friendly and easy to use. no high technical skills are required to work with the builder.

6. Multiple Website Hosting

In FastComet, clients can move multiple websites on a single plan. Except for the FastCloud plan, all of them offer unlimited website hosting. it facilitates bloggers who own multiple websites and want to manage all of them in one place.

7. Daily & Weekly Backup

There is a big chance that at some point website will have issues. so, backups are very useful at the moment.

FastComet offers automated daily and weekly backups in all their plans. all the website data will be stored at a secure location. The data will be stored for 30 days on the server. after 30 days it will delete the old backup and will create a new backup file. The process will be repeated after 30 days again.

8. 24/7/365 Support

FastComet support offers reliable support all over the world. there will be no single day when they will not pick up clients’ calls. Their support service is appreciable as they are available all the time for their clients.

They offer different modes to reach support. The fastest and interactive mode is live chat support. Whenever you will land on their website, a support member will pop up to help you around.

It is the quickest way to get all the details and clear doubts. Other options are a phone call and email. clients can reach them anytime they need help. As the support service is active for 24 hours every day of the year.

9. 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

It is hard for clients to form trust in the hosting services. as they are hosting their dream ideas on web hosting. if the service would be disappointing then it will cost a lot of time, effort, and money.

In every hosting service, clients have to pay all amounts at once. This makes it a bit risky for clients to put all their money into bad hosting.

But this is not the case with FastComet Hosting. they offer a 45-day money-back guarantee in all hosting plans. clients have full freedom to use and test all the services for 45 days. If they find it not suitable for the website then they can cancel the plan to get a refund.

FastComet doesn’t keep their clients in risky situations. They want their clients to get 100% satisfaction with the services and support.

Final Words

FastComet is offering every tool and service that is required to build a successful online business. All the plans are affordable and come with premium services and support. They offer excellent support even on basic plans.

They don’t partial between advance plan users and basic plan users. They give equal priority to every client and solve their problems.

If you are planning to start a new website then FastComet is the hosting to start with. Its services are reliable and powerful.

They always come up with huge discount offers and coupon codes. These coupon codes can be used to get any FastComet Hosting plan at a huge discount. Keep on checking these discount sales to save a few dollars.