FastComet Hosting vs WPX hosting 2020

FastComet vs WPX Hosting

Finding a good web hosting is not an easy task. You have to compare all the features and services they are offering with other hosting providers. It is very time-consuming work and if you are a business owner who has a website that gets thousands of hits a day and searching for new web hosting. then you have a very limited time as your old hosting may be not able to handle the traffic.

It is not a problem just to advance business websites, even the beginners face this problem when they try to start their blogging career. It is quite a difficult task to find a reliable web hosting for our website.

As in the beginning, we don’t have sufficient knowledge to know which web hosting is good or bad. So here we are to help you out from this trauma. We have used many web hosting for our website. So we know which have worked for us and which don’t.

However, it is not possible to compare all the web hosting at once in this article. As it is very time-consuming for us too. So today we are going to see the FastComet and WPX Hosting comparison.

Both of them are the best in the market. however, they both have different features and services. so we are going to get all the details about their hosting plan and features they are providing.

Web hosting plays a very important role in the success of the website. If we carelessly choose web hosting without knowing its features and services then we may end up with the bad services and our money will be wasted.

So, it becomes very important to compare the services and prices with other hosting plans so that you can get the best hosting deals.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner, we are going to discuss it in full details.

FastComet vs WPX Hosting

FastComet Hosting vs. WPX Hosting 2020

FastComet Hosting

FastComet hosting is a great web hosting solution. They have been in the market for a long time and are providing awesome services to bloggers as well as businesses. Their hosting plans are divided in a structured manner so that the user can easily understand and choose the best fit for their website.

FastComet Hosting Awards

FastComet provides a huge number of free addons that are worth more than the hosting plan. It is best for the beginners as they will not have to buy these addons separately and they will have some money with them.

FastComet hosting allows you to move your existing website from the old server to the FastComet servers. it is a very simple process that requires less than an hour.  They also offer free domain transfer which means if you only have a domain name then you can transfer it to the server and then build the website on it.

FastComet provides plans best suitable for beginners, and advanced users. These plans are shared hosting, VPS, and cloud. Also, they have different prices based on the resources provided with the plan.

The most basic plan is the shared hosting plan which is best for newbies to start a blog who don’t have a huge budget to get a dedicated server. So they can use the shared space by paying less money and getting awesome service.

WPX Hosting

WPX Hosting is a premium and powerful hosting. they are not like simple web hosting. they are managed to host which means all the settings and updates will be done by them and the user only has to manage the content.

WPX Hosting

It is recommended for those who don’t want to get into the technical part. they just want the results and save their time.

WPX Hosting allows the blogger to host multiple websites in a single hosting plan. It is the best deal for those who have many websites and don’t want to pay for different servers. they can easily manage all their website in a single place.

WPX Hosting provides good server speed and server uptime. The website hosted here will be accessible within seconds all over the world. So the blogger doesn’t have to worry about the performance issues. They have a team which will take care of all that.

Their support services are available in multiple languages. So that the clients can easily narrate their problem to them.

WPX Hosting is the best solution for advanced websites as they have tools that can handle heavy traffic without any trouble.

Final words on FastComet vs WPX Hosting

We have seen both of the web hostings. they both have their style of providing services. FastComet offers 45 days money-back guarantee while WPX Hosting offers 30 days.  FastComet basic plan includes 1 website hosting but WPX Hosting offers multiple website hosting. so those who are looking for a single website hosting then WPX Hosting will be a bit expensive.

So, based on the website requirements the user has to choose the right hosting plan. You don’t have to worry about the money you will spend on the services. if you face any problem with the services or setting then you have a support team that will solve your problem.

After using the hosting for some time and then you feel that the services are not good for your website then you can cancel the plan and will get a total refund.

Remember there are many more hosting providers that may provide the same services in less money. But they don’t guarantee the quality of the services they provide. Your website may get down a few times in a day. So it is better to spend some money on good services and tools rather than saving money and getting no results. You will not be able to provide a good user experience to your visitors and then they will never come back to your website. So be careful while choosing the web hosting provider for your website. You can see their full details and features on their official website and if you have coupon codes then you can get good discounts.