How to Start a Blog with FastComet?

Make a Blog with FastComet

Creating a blog has never been so simple and quick. So today I am going to teach you how to start a blog with FastComet?

Before going to the last part, many users don’t have any idea about the domain name and web hosting. you don’t have to worry about not knowing all this. Because I am here to teach you.

What Is a Domain Name and Web Hosting?

A domain name is a website address just like our house address. so that anyone who has the address can visit your website. So before starting a blog you first need a domain name. it can be whatever. Your name, your company name, or any name you like.

So go to any domain registrar like Godaddy or NameCheap or FastComet Hosting. There search for your name and if it is available then purchase it.

A yearly fee will be charged for the domain name. so you will have to renew it every year if you want to use the domain name. otherwise, it will be given to someone else.

Now, web hosting is the virtual place where your website recites. So that it can run from there and we don’t have to manage all the server setups and mess. You only have to pay for the service they are providing.

You can find thousands of web hosting on the internet. so it is not like you have to stick with a single hosting forever. However, choosing web hosting is a big trauma because if you choose the wrong hosting then your website may not run properly.

So, you have to choose a web hosting which can fulfill the requirements of your website. There are many web hosting providers to choose from. So to save the time we are using FastComet web hosting for creating a blog.

Make a Blog with FastComet

Setting Up a Blog

Now, after buying the domain name and web hosting. we have to connect them. So that the domain address will be connected to the web hosting and then we can design our blog on it.

It is very simple to connect and hardly requires a minute.

Go to the domain name in the domain registrar from where you have purchased the domain name. you will get a manager account for your domain name. in that dashboard go to the nameservers or manage option.

Then copy all the nameserver and paste it on the web hosting control panel. In the domain manager section.

Wait for a few minutes and then your website will be live on the internet. and now anyone can go to that address and access the website.

The next step is to install WordPress in web hosting. it is a very simple job and only requires 1 click. Go to the control panel of the web hosting and there you can find application installer or WordPress installer.

Click on that and the WordPress will start installing in the web hosting. once the installation completes then you will have to provide a website name and description and create an admin account.

So that you can access the back-end of the website and post content on the website. Once all these steps are done then you have to choose a theme for your website. It is like the design or layout of your website.

So you can either use the free WordPress theme which is already available to you or you can purchase a new one.

However, there are hundreds of free website themes available in the WordPress theme store. So spend some time and choose the right theme whichever suits your website content.

You can change the website theme anytime you want to don’t worry about it so much at the start.

Congratulations! Your basic web has been created. It was hardly taken minutes to set up the website. Now the next thing you will have to do is publish content on the website and optimize it for search results.

FastComet Hosting Quick Overview

FastComet is a wonderful web hosting provider who thinks more about their client’s satisfaction and powerful services. once you host your website with FastComet then you will never have to worry about it.

Their servers use SSD drives so that you can access the website data within seconds. It is the very best experience for website users. As they will be able to get all the data within seconds and will have to wait for a long time.

In FastComet you will get more than you are paying. They provide free addons with the hosting plan like free domain transfer, free site migration, SSL certificates, CDN and server monitoring, and many more.

They have a various hosting plan which is designed specifically for a particular website need. So you can choose the right hosting plan and save some money. As you will be only paying for what you are using. There is no hidden cost

The shared hosting is the most affordable hosting plan they can offer which is of 2.95$/month. This plan is created for those who can’t afford expensive plans and they don’t need it in the starting.

So they can start their blogging career in a very less amount and when they start growing then they can move to higher plans.

The support service is provided for all its users from all over the world. They have multiple service centers so that they can provide good support services to their clients. You can connect to the theme whenever you want without waiting for long on the call. They usually respond within minutes and there are other methods to connect with them.

You can also ask queries to their chatbot and it will provide an instant reply. The best thing about FastComet is that they provide 45 days money-back guarantee. So the user can use the service for 45 days and then decide if they want to continue or not. there is no pressure to keep using the service. You can cancel the plan anytime you want and get all your money back.